Producers: Rashid Sardarov, Binke Anisimov, Ibrahim Magomedov
Director: Eugeniy Shelyakin
Starring: Danila Kozlovsky, Anton Shagin, Ekaterina Shpitza, Sergey Burunov, Pavel Derevyanko, Eugeniya Brick

Продюсеры: Рашид Сардаров, Бинке Анисимов, Ибрагим Магомедов
Исполнительный продюсер: Арсен Таркнаев
Ассоциативный продюсер: Владимир Маслов
Режиссер: Евгений Шелякин
Авторы сценария: Евгений Шелякин, Ибрагим Магомедов, Саид Давдиев, Максим Аникин, Алексей Шуравин
В ролях:
Данила Козловский, Настасья Самбурская, Катерина Шпица, Павел Деревянко, Кирилл Плетнев, Евгения Брик, Антон Шагин, Ян Цапник, Евгений Стычкин, Сергей Бурунов, Сергей Чирков, Аристарх Венес, Максим Емельянов, Михаил Полицеймако, Антон Шурцев, Алексей Гришин, группа Tony Burns и другие.
Эдуард Гизатуллин («Духless 2» (2015), «Территория» (2014), сериал «Сладкая жизнь» (2014 -... ) и др.)

Художник по костюмам: Анастасия Егорова («Любит не любит» (2014), «Залетчики» (2014), сериал «Сладкая жизнь» (2014 - ...) и др.)
Жанр: комедия
Прокат: Россия, СНГ


RSS Production Studio

RSS Production is the Russian film company of a full-cycle. It was founded in 2012. Company leaders have been working successfully in entertainment industry and show biz for more than twenty years. Our company is a great combination of producing, creative and technical resources aimed at top level international projects.

We’re specializing in the top notch native stereoscopic 3D production. Elaborations of company specialists and using the best equipment in the world allowed to realize such projects as «Disco of 80's hits» in 3D format, Anji Arena opening ceremony, documental 3D-film Baikal, and got the appreciation of the audience and critics for our professionalism and skills.

We offer :

  • full production cycle and producing of feature films and TV-content
  • scriptwriting and technical support on set
  • techical providing of filming process
  • elaboration of complex technical concepts
  • post-production services: editing, sound mixing, colorgrading, CG and stereo 3D production


Company creators:

Rashid Sardarov - Company Founder

Binke Anisimov - CEO

Ibrahim Magomedov - General Producer

Alexander Dukhon - Technical and Creative Producer


Other projects of RSS Production:

  • Trailer «First Time» (DOP Sergey Trofimov). Filming by stereorig Stereotec, stereography.
  • «Tanks 3D» - full cycle.
  • «Moscow 3D» - postproduction.
  • «License to Dream 3D» - postproduction.
  • 3D-show «Presentation of Olympic bank-note»: 3D filming, CG, post 3D.




Feature film “Friday” ranked among most expected Russian movies of 2016. It’s a big tangle of seven bright Friday stories which evolve in one of Moscow nightclubs. The main character starred by Danila Kozlovsky is a young vicious businessman who for one night works as a waiter on bet and faces great number of curious situations.


B/W directed by Eugeniy Shelyakin was RSS Production first feature film released in March 2014. Our company went through the complete production cycle from concept development and scriptwriting to release. Dramedy B/W touched a rather sensitive issue of inter-ethnic relations and got testimonials of many critics. The film was honored with Audience Award at the film festival “KINO. Films from Russia and Beyond” in Geneva. Merab Ninidze personally was honored with Best Supporting Actor Award at the international actor festival “Constellation”


Documentary film “Baikal 3D” is a result of immense work done by RSS Production team headed by our Chief Technology and Creative producer Alexander Dukhon. Our group made a ten-day-expedition to the unique Lake Baikal in February 2014, shooting under extreme climate conditions (- 40 C). The film was shot in a future-proof format Native 3D 4K. “Baikal 3D” ranks among top 10 Touring Ad-spots from all over the world.

"Shvabe "

We took part in two cinema ad campaigns “Shvabe” and created series of 3D ad-spots completing post-production at of our studio. Our work was honored with Lumiere Award as the best 3D commercial. “Shvabe” ad-spot was created by director Andro Okromchedlishvili, DOP Maxim Osadchiy, Sergey Trofimov, CG by Main Road Post and CG Factory studios, CineMora agency. We are glad to have collaborated with the incredible crew!


RSS team successfully accomplished stereo 3D post-production of “Stalingrad” IMAX 3D feature. We completed stereo align and depth grading using SGO MISTIKA and BARCO 2K 3D projection system. ”Stalingrad” got shortlisted in the top stereo 3D films according to Cinemablend and received the highest rate for stereo quality.

"Belka & Strelka "

Stereo 3D post-production of animated movie “SPACE DOGS – Moon Adventure” was conducted on the technical basis of our company. All post-production was accomplished by innovation system SGO MISTIKA in pair with BARCO 3D projection equipment. RSS team’s great experience in VFX and Stereo 3D CG creation lets us consult and collaborate closely with KinoAtis film production company.


Holding Anji-Arena opening ceremony has become one of company’s most significant projects. It’s been a long way from concept and script development and creation of 3D content to organization of outstanding show for 20000 audience. One of the main parts/issues of the ceremony was the enormous 3D LED screen (42х18m) designed by our specialists which still remains the largest in the world.

Disco 80х Rock & Dance

The journalists called “Disco 80-s Rock&Dance” show format “Augmented Reality”. Here we decided to shift the limits and used not just a huge 3D screen but also made it transparent. The content was specially created to correlate with real scenery behind the screen. We managed to make an illusion of three dimensional virtual elements floating in the air. Another one technical invention was showing of live stage perfomance on the gigantic 3D screen. That gave all the viewers an impression of watching it all from the front rows.

Disco 80-s

For about 8 years our company has been making graphic design with original scenography for one of Russian hugest music festivals “Avtoradio Disco 80-s”. Our original technology of gigantic 3D screen was for the first time used right there in 2012. The project entered the Guinness Book of Records as public most event with 3D screen integration.

Some other projects:

“First Time”  trailer
(DOP Sergey Trofimov)

  • Shooting on Stereorig Stereotech, stereography

“Bogatyr” trailer

  • Shooting on Stereorig Stereotech, stereography

Some others:
“Tanks 3D” – complete cycle
“Moscow 3D”- postproduction
“License to Dream 3D”- postproduction

And the greatest motivation for us are accolades of the audience and good notices of the critics


Production & Postproduction

  • several editing stations Mac: FCP/Adobe
  • colorgrading studio for TV and Feature Films equipped with DaVinci Resolve, Barco 2K
  • The only film reference hall for finishing equipped with SGO MISTIKA in Russia
  • sound mixing and sound design department
  • CG department
  • modern technical equipment for shooting by RED, ARRI, Stereotec, Stereolabs, Q-take, Zaxcom, Neumann
  • The only stereo 3D shooting equipment by “STEREOTEC” in Russia


RSS professional team and powerful technical resources have made many ambitious projects come true. Our specialists take part in developing of company's capabilities, keeping close contact with such giants as RED, Stereotec, Stereolabs, Chrosziel, SGO and also with the native producers of film equipment.


We are always glad to get acquainted with new authors and author groups. We are waiting for scripts from professionals and beginning writers and accept applications for full-length films, serials, sitcoms, mini-series, etc. We externalize ideas for television and Internet projects.


Address: 2, Seraphimovich St, Moscow

+7 965 179 21 61



Address: 2, Seraphimovich St, Moscow
+7 965 179 21 61
+ 7 926 311 58 49